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Workshop 2016

20160322-Workshop RCW2016

Workshop Report & Presentations

Since some of the data are unpublished, only a few presentations are available (in pdf format). Please find all the abstracts here.

Invited talk (by last name in an alphabetical order)

Tales of Invasion and Evolution: Cane toads and their parasites
Crystal Kelehear, Smithonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama


Contributed papers (by last name in an alphabetical order)

Ecological and evolutionary genomics in the Caribbean: examples from aquatic biodiversity
Etienne Bezault

What bones tell us – 5 000 years of Human impact on lizards from the Guadeloupe islands
Corentin Bochaton

Pest and predator arthropods of banana cropping systems in Martinique
Dominique Carval

Population dynamics and behavioural ecology of the Zenaida Dove, Zenaida aurita, on the island of Barbados
Frank Cézilly

Protecting Critically Endangered Sea Turtles from Invasive Predators in the Caribbean
Luis Cruz-Martinez

Preliminary results reporting the presence of the exotic swimming crab Charybdis hellerii (A. Milne Edwards, 1867) on the coast of the Martinique, French Lesser Antilles (Crustacea, Portunidae)
Romain Ferry

The Giant African Snail and other invasive molluscs in the Caribbean
Angela Fields

Primates Tracking Primates: Spatial ecology and zoonotic disease epidemiology of St. Kitts African Green monkeys
Christa A. Gallagher

Island extinctions and invasions of terrestrial vertebrates since 5000 years: archaeozoological advance in the French West Indies
Sandrine Grouard

Differences in the ecomorphological relationships between mainland and island Anolis lizards
Anthony Herrel

The Lionfish Caribbean Control Strategy
Jean-Philippe Maréchal & Ewan Trégarot

The PACOTILLES campaign: patterns of marine diversity and connectivity in Lesser Antilles
Thierry Perez

Ecology and conservation of Audubon’s shearwater (Puffinus lherminieri lherminieri) from the nature reserve of Sainte-Anne islet (Martinique)
Carine Précheur

Ecology and conservation of the white-breasted trasher (Ramphocinclus brachyurus) in Martinique
Steven Son

How big are your parrotfish? The value of simple size-based parrotfish metrics for coral reef management
Henri Vallès


Press release

5th April 2016, France Antilles – « Les jeunes n’identifient pas l’écologie comme des métiers pour eux !»(pdf) – FR
To read the article online: « Les jeunes n’identifient pas l’écologie comme des métiers pour eux ! »

About the 2016 Workshop

The special theme for this year’s workshop was « Animal invasive species in the Antilles: the relevance of scientific research to conservation ». The workshop intended to provide a forum for discussing research on invasive animal species and the link with management activities within the Caribbean region. The workshop consisted of key presentations by invited speakers and contributors, and of non-specialized sessions dealing with various aspects of the biology and conservation of the Caribbean fauna. We welcomed about 40-50 participants at the Centre International de Séjour in Martinique from 22th to 24th March, 2016.

Please find attached the program for the Workshop.

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Frank Cézilly, Caribaea Initiative
Prof. Jean-Raphaël Gros-Désormeaux, CRPLC – Université des Antilles et de la Guyane
Prof. Pierre-Michel Forget, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, UMR MECADEV CNRS – INEE
Anne-Sophie Gicquiaux, Caribaea Initiative


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