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Detection of two pigeon species in Guadeloupe: comparison between the passive monitoring method and the method called “repasse”

Tue 09 Aug, 2016

The White-crowned Pigeon, Patagioenas leucocephala, and the Red-necked Pigeon, P. squamosa are two endemic Colombidae species of the Caribbean region, with proprietary and hunting interests.

The first species is considered “Near Threatened” by the IUCN Red List, while the second is classified as “Least Concern”. Both species are hunted in Guadeloupe, but the spatial and temporal dynamics of the workforce remains uncertain, partly due to difficult access to feeding grounds and dormitories.

Stage master-CCambrone-Pigeon couronne blche

Christopher collecting data in Guadeloupe

In this context, the purpose of this course is to compare the effectiveness of two methods of counting. The first so-called “passive listening approach” is to infer the presence and density of individuals from spontaneous male vocalizations. The second, called the “repasse” is to broadcast a speaker with the singing of the species to induce voice response in males. It was previously shown that the second method gave better results in another species of the same genus, P. fasciata fasciata (Kirkpatrick & al. 2007).

Second master research project funded by our fellowship program The research project of Christopher Cambrone is "Detection of two Patagioenas pigeon species in Guadeloupe : comparison between the auditory survey and the call-broadcast survey". © Anthony Levesque

The White-crowned Pigeon
© Anthony Levesque

The results can then be correlated with different habitat characteristics such as the presence of potential predators or availability of plant species consumed by both species.

Internship Host Organization : The National Hunting and Wildlife Agency (ONCFS), Delegation for the French overseas territories, Guadeloupe

Christopher Cambrone
Master Student – Year 1
Burgundy University, France

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