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First edition of the “Caribaea Initiative Research & Conservation Workshop”

Tue 02 Aug, 2016

The 1st Caribaea Initiative Research & Conservation Workshop (RCW 2016) was held at the Centre International de Séjour in Martinique from 22th to 24th March, 2016.

The event was organized in collaboration with the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) through the International and Multidisciplinary Thematic Network (RTPI) CNRS “Caraïbes”, newly created.

Workshop RCW_Introduction speechesFor this year’s workshop, the special theme was «Animal invasive species in the Antilles: the relevance of scientific research to conservation». A non-specialized session offered the opportunity to deal with various aspects of the biology and conservation of the Caribbean fauna, providing an intensive and program with about thirty oral presentations and a roundtable.

WorkshopRCW_pauses echangesWe welcomed about 40-50 participants from different Caribbean islands (Barbados, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, Montserrat, Saint-Lucia, Saint-Kitts-and-Nevis), but also from other countries (Canada, United-States, France, United-Kingdom). On this occasion, some of them have already forged bonds laying the foundation for future collaborations.

This workshop enabled Caribaea Initiative to meet several key stakeholders among scientists and officers/managers working in the Caribbean islands, with significant/major prospects of cooperation in months and years to come.


The success of this workshop is based on the contribution of a wide range of partners among which we would like to thank:
Jean-Raphaël Gros Desormeaux (Senior Research Fellow, CNRS) and Pierre-Michel Forget (Professor, MNHN) for their participation in the organizing committee.
RTPI CNRS ‘Caraibes’, partner of the event.
• The company Bourdillon Bellonnie and Successors (member of Chevrillon Group) represented by its president, Mrs Nathalie Tuillier-Gual, and the Comptoir Caraïbe d’Importation et d’Exportation (CCIE), chaired by Mr Cyril Comte, for their financial support.
• And the teams of the Centre International de Séjour and the Hotel Karibea – La Valmenière, for their hospitality and professionalism.

Summaries of stakeholder presentations and a transcript of Louis Boutrin (SM / PNRM) and Prof. Justin Daniel (CRPLC, UWI) introduction speeches are available on our website’s page “Workshop 2016“.

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