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Launch of the Club Caribaea in Haiti

Fri 30 Sep, 2016

We are pleased to welcome to our team Jean-Marry Exantus, our local correspondent in Haiti.

Engineer in agronomy graduated from the Episcopal University of Haiti, Mr. Exantus worked for the Foundation FOKAL on various research projects, such as monitoring and wildlife conservation in the Park Martissant. He has conducted an analysis of the dynamics of land use of the Concerted Development Zone (ZAC), and a mapping of renewable natural resources of the Park Martissant.


Jean-Marry Exantus, local correspondent in Haiti

Mr. Exantus was recently selected to follow a master’s degree as part of a project co-financed between Caribaea Initiative and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie for the 2017–2019 period.


ELAN Haiti 2016 – From left to right: Acenel LAURENT, Garynechéle SAIMPHA, Jean-Marry EXANTUS, Oscar Junior WILNER, Clitandre D.Ingrid CHARLES, James JOSAPHAT

His dynamism has already helped to rally to the cause of the association over thirty young Haitians from different areas of the country. They now form the “Club Caribaea” in Haiti that we support materially. Members of the “Club Caribaea Haiti” have been able to take part in the latest edition of the symposium ELAN Haiti 2016 ( Under the leadership of Jean-Marry Exantus, an educative walk through the Park Martissant also took place on Friday, August 26th, during the General Assembly, to mark the commitment of these young future experts to the association.


Visit of the Park Martissant in Haiti – Club Caribaea Haiti

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