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C@ribaea’News: the first issue is coming soon !

Thu 14 Jul, 2016

The first issue of our biannual newsletter, C@ribaea’News, will be going out by the end of this year.

It will contain news on research in the field of conservation biology, on the mission and activities of the Association Caribaea Initiative and its partners.

In summary :

  • Research project in Barbados on the Lionfish of the Caribbean,
  • The cleaning gobies behavioral variation project,
  • Detection of two Patagioenas pigeon species in Guadeloupe: comparison between the passive monitoring method and the method called “repasse”,
  • Project on the White-breasted Thrasher in Martinique,
  • Production of short film nature documentaries for schools,
  • Focus on the first edition of “Caribaea Initiative Research & Conservation Workshop” – RCW 2016
  • Conferences and workshops agenda,
  • And many other topics !

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Colibri Antilles

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