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Calendar Caribaea Initiative 2017

Thu 01 Dec, 2016

We have decided to take the plunge and create a 2017 Calendar. For this first edition, we’ve selected 12 sumptuous photographs presenting several Caribbean fauna species, ranging from the small mangrove crab through the humpback whale to the green-throated hummingbird.

We greatly thank the photographers Patricia Brouard, Jenny Daltry, Franck Decluzet, René Durocher and Sébastien Motreuil for these magnificent caribbean fauna pictures.

70% of the funds raised through the sale of this calendar go to support the development of conservation projects in Haiti. The remaining amount will be distributed on other ongoing research projects in the Lesser Antilles.

Format: 30x30cm – 28 pages – Hole Drilled

Price per unit: 10 euros (delivery fees excluded)



Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email: contact(at)

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